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In my former career as a Tax Consultant, I worked heavily in Excel to construct financial models to discover valuable insights. I enjoyed building my models to be intuitive and helpful in decision making. I quickly learned to spice up my models by crafting interfaces with borders and background colors, adding buttons to fire off macros and pulling data from the web using VBA.

My career was going great ...

At least until I stumbled upon a rare chance to participate in a Google UX Study where I reviewed experimental Google apps. Reviewing these apps to provide UX feedback reminded me of my own excel models and how I love the brainstorming behind designing and building their functionality.

Curious to see if I could build my own apps ...

I attended Full Stack Academy of Code to learn how to build full stack applications. Now as a software engineer, I enjoy breaking down app features into small tasks to deliver on user stories.

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What I've Built

Chat App

Chat App

Looking to chat with communities? Look no further! With Chat App, you can join channels or create your own! Implemented with Web Sockets, you'll get new message notifications in real time!

Banana Hunt

Banana Hunt

Banana Hunt is an augmented reality (AR) scavenger hunt that can be played anywhere in the world! On this React-Native iOS app, users can partake in a hunt for AR bananas on an existing map or a randomized map.

Cereal Shop

Cereal Shop

Why go to the supercart for cereal when the cereal can come to you? Cereal shop is an online e-commerce website devoted to selling premium cereals so you can stay in your pajamas!